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BMC Magazine

All British Mini Club members are a sent a regular copy of our very own 'Mini Driver' magazine which includes articles on owners Mini's be them classic and modern, latest news, regular articles from our web team, show details, Minis for sale and and more.

Mini Driver is your magazine and we would love our members to contribute and take part in a future issue.

Have you an interesting story to tell about your love of the Mini, how you became involved with the Mini. Was it from your dad or maybe mum used to drive you around in one and now you have your own piece of history.

Do you have a new MINI which you want to tell the world about.

Maybe you have a story from a Mini birthday party or you are involved in the Motorsport side of the Mini, 

Let us know and put down a few words for an article and send it over to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if need be we can work with you to get the article to your satisfaction.  We need some good images as well.

Or perhaps you just want to show of your Mini/Mini to our members. If so simply email an image, with a sentence about who you are and and what model your Mini is. Your Mini/MINI clould appear in the recently described at the NEC Classic Motor Show as an excellent club magazine.



Mini Specialists 

Find new customers by advertising and getting onto our Mini specialist list of BMC recommended suppliers.

Call us for details on advertising costs. Tel: 01384 897779



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