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Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:12

Big Mac Racing Podium Race Video

An incredible race in Round 13 of the Dunlop Mini Seven Challenge at Croft on September 20th, in the penultimate round of the season saw the British Mini Club supported team #88, Big Mac Racing claim there very firsty podium of the series. This helped them finish an overall 5th in the whole championship.

Watch the race unfold in front of you as the pilot Kieren McDonald takes up the challenge at a wet Croft circuit.

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Monday, 22 September 2014 12:22

Big Mac Racing Bag Podium Finish At Croft

Everyone at the British Mini Club would like to pass on massive congratulations to Big Mac Racing for acheiving a magnificent first podium finish of the season at Croft on the 20th September in the penultimate round of the 2014  Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge. They achieved there aim for the season to get a podium. Which was a very strong third place with only a 5.970 seconds gap between them and 1st place.

Fourth place was nearly 3 seconds behind them, so an excellent finish indeed. With a third fastest lap time of 1:53.975, not to far behind the quickest of 1:53.773 and and average speed of 62.22 it was a very good day all around.

On the Big Mac Racing Facebook page they commented:

"PODIUM!!! Awesome fun wet drive, p6 to p3! This is a great team result - I'm jus the driver but an awesome car is sorted for me by Track, Road and Race, Classic and Custom Works and Selby race Engines. The most reliable parts are provided by an awesome bunch of guys at Mini Spares, Opie Oils provide the quality oil. British Mini Club, Mini Magazine and so many other great companies and followers/supporters/frinds share my updates and help me gain exposure with the great help of Matt Barrington and his amazing photos. Fellow competitiors have helped me out so many times with parts, hands and advice. My family and friends put up with me and make all this possible and certaily pull out all the stops. Thank you ALL, it really means a lot"


The British Mini Club are proud to support Kieren McDonald and the Big Mac Racing Team and equally proud to have our logo on the side of #88 in the Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge.

Make sure you follow their exploits:

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Monday, 15 September 2014 13:17

Big Mac Racing 5th With Croft To Go

Big Mac Racing are running in a superb 5th position in the 2014 Mini Seven Challenge after 12 rounds, With the final rounds 13 and `14 to come at Croft on September 20th, the British Mini Club supported team are hoping for a strong finish to the season.

After running in 3rd place after 8 rounds Oulton Park ws very frustrating with clutch problem preventing a strong finish, as Kieren McDonald takes up the story via the Big Mac Racing blog

 "Investigations involved bleeding the clutch, adjustments, replace master and slave cylinders, clutch plate off to check things out, replace plunger and bearing, With only one day, time was extremely tight and work continued as we listened to the se7en's compete for top positions in the 1st race, Race 2 came up fast and the last attempt was nearing an end to fix the problem - to my amazement, clutch was engaging and last minute jumped into my racekit, rushed out to assemble on a high ready for Race 2. I had a good feeling, was determined to bring rewards to everyone's efforts to get me out. Lining up on the grid, everything felt great, mid way around on the green flag lap, horro - cluthc wasn't engaging correctly again so I pulled into the pits rather than line up on the grid! Gutting for everybody involved, shame a season best couln't be attempted for those involoved."

The British Mini Club are proud to be supporting #88 for 2 seasons now. If you get along to Croft make sure you support #88, and encourage them to a strong finish to what has been a very succesfull season so far.

Follow for latest updates and details of the Mini Se7en Dunlop Challenge can be found at 

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Wednesday, 04 June 2014 18:35

Aaltonen To Drive Mini At Festival Of Speed

Finnish Rally icon Rauno Aaltonen set to drive a Mini Cooper S and head a stellar line-up of cars on the Goodwood Festival of Speed’s Skoda Forest Rally Stage on June 26-29 to help celebrate the 'Birth of Stage Rallying' at Goodwoods Festival Of Speed.

The flying Finn, who famously won the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally in a Mini, will get behind the wheel of the ex-works car, in which he finished seventh on the 1964 Monte, on each day.

Aaltonen won the European Rally Championship in 1965 to follow-up a pair of domestic titles, and further fed his addiction to winning in circuit racing, taking victory at the 1966 Bathurst 500 in another Mini. He remains the only Finn to have won the gruelling event, which is now runs to 1000km as the centrepiece of the Australian V8 Supercars season.

He will be backed-up on the gravel rally stage by another Cooper S, owned by celebrity chef James Martin and formerly campaigned by Paddy Hopkirk.

Joining the Minis in the ‘Birth of Stage Rallying’ celebration will be a selection of fast Fords with illustrious pasts. Not only will the very first Mk1 Escort RS1600 feature, but it will be joined by the car in which Roger Clark won the 1972 RAC Rally.

A pair of Mk2 RS1800s, campaigned by Ari Vatanen in period, will also join the fray. The car in which he captured the 1981 World Rally Championship will be joined by an earlier machine, taken to victory in the 1975 RAC Rally by Timo Makinen.

Fiat will be represented by examples of the two cars that achieved its 21 WRC wins, the 124 Abarth and 131 Abarth, while an ex-works Datsun 240Z and Opel Kadette GT/E will add more international variety to the entry list.

Cars campaigned by two British heroes of the era, Russell Brookes and Tony Pond, will also be present; a Sunbeam Lotus campaigned by two-time British Rally champion Brookes, and an ex-Pond Vauxhall Chevette completing the line-up.

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Monday, 02 June 2014 09:54

Big Mac Racing Brands Hatch 2014

Big Mac Racing,supported by the British Mini Club are having a succesful season so far in the Mini Se7en Challenge for 2014. Below are the details of a brilliant Brands Hatch for #88 culminating with an excellent 2nd place so far in the Championship..

Rounds 3 & 4 at Brands Hatch Mini Festival were almost 3 weeks ago.

The weather was a bit of a mixed bag at Brands Hatch and I have to admit, the wind is not my favourite, especially when there are gazebo's in question! We didn't sail off into the distance so that's good but we did come away with some good learning outcomes, best quali position and good points in the bag.

Saturday quali was miserably wet, much to some's dismay, but to my joy - any weather, I really don't mind although I must admit I didn't quite connect that day. Saying that I can't have done too badly, as I qualified 3rd for both races - fantastic and the best quali positions yet. On the downside, the wet, mixed with a nice helping of oil led to a mishap at Paddock Hill! The result being a nice spin and backwards travel into the gravel pit; fortunately I could drive back out, unfortunately I had a lot of cleaning and gravel clearing to do when back in the paddock! Big thanks to the marshals who helped get me out (and of course the usual great job over the whole weekend).

Race 1 was a different story - the rain taps had been switched off so back on with the dry tyres. I had a rather dismal start, losing a few positions. I had a good few battles, although wasn't greatly impressed with my performance despite finishing 5th.

Race 2 on the other hand left me feeling great. A better start but then lack of exit speed and sloppy gear changes allowed a few guys chasing to creep past. I settled into a groove and stated fighting back, having some great battles with Davis, Wightman and Hunt.  With a few laps remaining I dropped right off the pace - I clearly had problems as my speed was just not there, followed by some dodgy brakes at the end. I was quite relieved to come away with another 5th position. It turned out I had a seized caliper piston and an oil leak; fortunately nothing major. A few spectators reported of my disc "glowing red" as I was going down the pit straight - no wonder I was lacking speed!!

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Mini Spares have once again provided an excellent service and supplied all the necessary parts to get the car back in tip top condition. Along with help from Ricky, the car is now ready to visit Cadwell Park for it's 1st ever time (in my hands that is!). I've never even been to spectate so after hearing amazing reviews, I cannot wait! We're currently sat 2nd in the Mini7 Championship so hopefully we'll come away with some great results.

Keep upto date with Big Mac Racing on his website

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Thursday, 22 May 2014 14:56

Big Mac Racing Combe 2014 Done

Time has flown by - Castle Combe was a few weeks ago and the next rounds at  Brands Hatch Mini Festival have also kicked off. Big Mac Racing driver Kieren McDonald , supported by the British Mini Club gives us a bit of a low down first of all on Combe...with the first rounds of the 2014 Mini Se7en Challenge

It was a bit of a mad panic in the lead up, working on the mini flat out with Ricky with a only a handful of hours sleep. It really was cutting it fine, in fact I didn't head to Combe until that very morning - the main thing was we made it! Mini Spares did a superb job with speedy deliveries - always a spot on service. The freshened lump from Rob Selby sounded great when 1st started up - check out a link here if you want a listen.

A very busy day with quali and 2 races squeezed into the Bank Holiday Monday - good job a couple of helping hands were around to allow me to get suited and booted and out in time - thanks to all those that helped!

The track was damp but drying up in Quali and I was trying to familiarize myself with the relatively new circuit - no testing meant Quali was all about getting a feel for things. I was relatively happy with my Q8 positioning for race 1 & 2 considering. The rain clouds stayed away for the rest of the day, providing some glorious sunshine for the banks of spectators.

Race 1 started quite poorly with no-one to tuck behind so I ended up going backwards, although I pulled a couple of positions back straight away. Throughout the race I was mainly battling with Ian Deviny and Ross Billison. At one point I had got in front and was starting to pull away but was dragged back again, unfortunately not getting clean enough exits out of the corners. I brought it home in P6... enjoy the in-car footage from race 1

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Race 2 started better although was dragged by the end of the straight and yet again was left to battle with Ian Deviny. Unfortunately an incident between us led to Ian going off, resulting in a few laps behind the safety car. After the restart I again couldn't quite get the clean exit I was after out of the corners so I dropped back from the top 4. Spencer Wanstall then managed to get past after battling for a few laps. The last time through Camp corner resulted in a bit of chaos as Ashley Davies and Darren Thomas made contact, resulting in a last minute change of positions. I ended the race in P5 - full race can be seen here....

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Overall a fantastic couple of results - with the lead up and first time out since end of 2013 season, to finish both races in good positions was great. I couldn't have done it without my sponsors, friends and family - a true team effort!

Please keep following and supporting BigMacRacing

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Monday, 31 March 2014 11:55

Jay Leno Drives the Dakar MINI All4

The very well known American TV host and car nut Jay Leno recently had the chance to drive the most expensive MINI built, the £1million Dakar winning Countryman All4. He discusses the All4 with 2014 champion Nani Roma.

Jay Leno loves the Mini both old and new and chats about his experiance in an exclusive interview on MINI Space. He says about the MINI All4 " The streets of Los Angeles are actually worse than the Dakar Rally so you need a car like this!!"

MINI Space asked Jay "Whats the one word you would use to describe the MINI All4?"

"Well the one word that always describes driving a Mini is fun. When the Mini came out, John Surtees, James Hunt, all these other guys drove them because they were - fun. It's not a matter of cost, and I think thats's the real key because guys with Ferraris get a huge kick out of driving MINI. A lot of guys you meet, that's their everyday car because they use it to zip around town and they use the other car for the weekend. Fun is the only word I can use to describe it. And men and women use the same word"

An interesting take on the Mini. If only we could all have one for the week and the Supercar in the garage for the weekend. One day maybe :)

Enjoy the video of his desert drive, with some fantastic photography as well, and then follow the link for the fascinating full interview 

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Friday, 24 January 2014 16:25

Mini Wins Monte 50yrs Ago

A big victory for the small car: 50 years ago the classic Mini won the Monte Carlo Rally for the first time. Paddy Hopkirk made the one-off British small car a motor sport legend in January 1964 – Timo Mäkinen and Rauno Aaltonen repeated the triumph in 1965 and 1967.

Published in Motorsport

Patrick Mortimer who is a Team Scalextric driver in the MINI Challenge has very kindly offered British Mini Club members a free passenger ride around Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk in December. Patrick will have his 2013/14 MINI JCW ready to take you around the circuit. What an experience that would be.

There is also a chance for you to take your own car around the track with Patrick offering free instruction as well. What an opportunity for anyone interested in Motor Sport. 

Patrick comments below

"I will be at Snetterton for a open track day with my team Advent motorsport on Saturday 7th December 2013.

I shall have my 2013/14 Mini Challenge JCW at the circuit which will be fitted with a passenger seat for the day.

I shall be happy to give passenger rides to any members of British Mini club who wish to attend. MSVR fee’s for passengers is normally £10, however I shall be happy to offer this to you guy’s free of charge.

The Track day is open pit lane so if any members of BMC wish to take their cars on the circuit the cost will be £99 for the whole day, we are not expecting the track to be to busy so this would be ideal for those trying a track day for the first time.

I would also be happy to sit beside any BMC member if they decide to take there cars on track and provide some FREE instruction (I am a current ARD’s Approved racing instructor), which would be a pleasure.

I’m currently working on some modifications to my New 2014 Mini Coupe R58, and may have this at the track as well."

If your interested please contact Patrick on Twitter via or send the BMC an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will pass your details on. It's very important your a BMC member so please have your card with you if you go to Snetterton.

To see more amazing images of Patricks MINI's pls follow him on Twitter @prmoldoaks 

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Tuesday, 06 August 2013 14:38

Fast Rally Action In 1440cc Mini

Some very fast in car action on the 2013 Monaghan Rally in Ireland. In the 1440cc Mini driven by Lloyd Hutchinson and Willie Fitzpatrick on Special Stage 5. Be interesting to know what sort of speed they achieve.

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