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Wednesday, 15 February 2017 13:49

Mini Fair 2017 - Images

After the furore of the British Mini Clubs fantastic Mini Fair 2017 has calmed down a little we thought we would have a throwback to wonderful day it was. Sit back and enjoy and re-live the fun of the UK's leading indoor Mini event. The best event to start the year with. Filled with the UK's top traders and Pride Of Ownership Mini's


Below is a slide show of images from the day. You can also see some 700 images in te albums at

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Tuesday, 07 February 2017 10:56

What Was Said About Mini Fair 2017

The British Mini Clubs 18th Mini Fair at Bingley Hall was a great success with Mini/MINI fans visiting from mall over the UK, Ireland and Europe, incredible to think that at the start of the 25th year of the BMC this was the 18th Mini Fair. The UK's number one indoor Mini event continues to grow every single year. With 100 ot the UK's top traders and jumblers in attendance. Also a stuuning array of Pride Of Ownership Classic Mini's and Modern MINI's.

Afterwards many visitors and traders took to social media to express how much they enjoyed such a great day. It's always nice to receive such a good response as the British Mini Club team work tirelessly for the months running up to the event. They all volunteer the time for free, and the majority have done for nearly 25 years now.  


 One of our main sponsors of Mini Fair are the World renowned Mini Sport, they kindly brought along the legend that is Paddy Hopkirk, he always proves to be a star of the show. During the day Paddy was signing autographs and various items for his charity. Raising an incredible £600, a big thank you to everyone who donated.


Mini Sport have also commented in a blog post "We all had a superb time and Mini Fair 2017 exceeded all our expectations. A fantastic, well run, British Mini Mini Club event which we, at Mini Sport are very proud to be associated with - not only as a trader but as an official sponsor too. The show offered a perfect oppprtunity to showcase all of the quality parts that keep our beloved Mini's on the road. Parts which are not only supplied by us at Mini Sport but manufactured exclusively within our adept engineering departmant right here in Padiham"


Read the rest of the blog here




 We received many more excellent comments, some of which are posted below, please feel free to visit us at www.facebook,com/britishminiclub or tweet us using @britishminiclub Find us on Instagram by searching for britishminiclub 















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Monday, 30 January 2017 13:54

Mini Fair 2017 - Show Results

 A truly superb Pride Of Ownership at Mini Fair 2017 to start off the British Mini Clubs 25th year. With the biggest entry of modern MINI's and full Classic Mini classes, especially the 60's class. Pride Of Ownership is different to normal concours it's as much about the owners as well. Which makes it even harder to choose a winner as to be honest everyone is a winner.. The enthusiasm shown by you all is incredible.

Steve Moore was complimented by a visitor on our Facebook page  after the show. He quite happily allowed a 9 year old MINI GP fanatic to sit in the drivers seat of his immaculate multi prize winning GP. This made the lads day and his mum and dad turned to Facebook to express their appreciation by saying "My favourite of the whole fair. The guy who this is a delight, he allowed our nine year old to sit in the drivers seat, (something of a rarity) it made his day and ours! Thanks for the chat and advice"  This is absolutely what being in the Mini Family is all about. Without peolple like Steve and many others the Mini scene would be a lot poorer.

After much deliberation we were torn between the John Cooper Tribute Mini owned by Lee Roberts and the superb MK1 Mini saloon which is an ex Longbridge registered press car owned by Dianne Issac. The whole of the front mechanics had to replaced at the start of January and the engine was repainted in two pac paint. The owners told us they tested heat resistant paint and two pac on the wood burning stove they have. The heat resistant paint lasted 4 hours and the two pac is still in place.. 

In the end we just had to give the Mini of The Show trophy to Dianne Issac and her husband. The car is a credit to them both. But again you are all winners and a big thank you to everyone for helping make the British Mini Clubs 18th Mini Fair a massive success.

The club stands were fantastic as always with an Italian Job theme in honour of our chosen charity for the year .. The italian Job Run. Eventually we decided to award first to the Midland Mini Club but it was a close run thing.

To see many images of the Pride of Ownership Mini's and the club stands please visit  and check out the photo albums

Best Mini Of The Show Dianne Issac 287 MOX

Classic Mini 1960's

1st Place: Dianne Issac 287 MOX

2nd Place: Gary Cooper 615 XUV


Classic Mini 1970's

1st Place: Thomas Jordan MWV 503J

2nd Place: Vanessa Halford DYJ 642V


Classic Mini 1980's

1st Place: Ashley Rice F807 FYD

2nd Place: Stacey Hextall NJU 642W


Classic Mini 1990's

1st Place: Lee Roberts E13 LAR

2nd Place: Liam Badger N207 BOA



1st Place: Steve Moore H4 YGP

2nd Place: Julia Robinson DU52 CRX


Best Club Stand

1st Place: Midlands Mini Club

2nd Place: London and Surrey Mini Owners Club

3rd Place: Tamworth Misfits

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As you know the British Mini Club do  not do things by half. At this Sundays Mini Fair 2017 at Bingley Hall near Stafford we welcome the Mini legend that is Paddy Hopkirk and the ever popular Fuzz Townshend from the excellent Car SOS.



Monte Carlo winning Paddy Hopkirk is coming along to Mini Fair courtesy of Mini Sport UK who tell us "Non other than Paddy Hopkirk will be on the Mini Sport Stand at Mini Fair, be sure to come along and say hello" During we will be chatting to Paddy and hopefully doing a live broadcast on Facebook. Also Paddy will be doing autographs in exchange for a donation to his excellent charity.

Also meet Fuzz Townshend at Mini Fair 2017. The TV presenter from Car SOS will make someone very, very happy when he draws the lucky raffle ticket to win our stunning Mini Mayfair at the end of the show.

Fuzz is a great guy and very much a fan of the Mini. Please feel free to have a chat with him during the day.

The British Mini Club's 18th Mini Fair takes place this Sunday doors open at 9:30am and we can assure you of a great day with the Mini Family. Remember to bring along some spare £1 coins to buy your raffle tickets to win a top quality Classic Mini.

With over 100 of the UK's top Mini traders at Mini Fair, Mini Jumble, club stands and the largest display of 60's Mini's we have seen at Mini Fair we have a great day lined up for everyone. Pride Of Ownership is full with the new MINI class being the first to fill up. We have some great old shool and new school Mini's that have been seen before at Mini Fair.

What a great day it will be. Full details can be found here

Follow the fun on where we will hopefully have some live broadcasts for you. If your tweeting or using Instagram please use the hashtag #MiniFair2017 and we will share and like as much as we can during the day.

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Thursday, 26 January 2017 15:33

Win a Mini at Mini Fair 2017

Mini Fair 2017 Raffle Mini

The first place to visit at Mini Fair is the BMC stand to buy your tickets to win this Mini Mayfair. The only show you can win a Mini for just £1.00.

Doors open at 9.30am This Sunday..

Again the British Mini Club are giving away a fantastic Classic Mini for just £1.00 at Mini Fair, the UK's leading indoor Mini event. How do we do this, we have no idea, but some very lucky visitor to Mini Fair will win this stunning Mini Mayfair.

The winning ticket will be drawn after the prize giving, the winner has one minute to claim the prize. If not it will be drawn again. So you need to be in the main hall by the British Mini Club stand at presentation time..

Mini Fair is a fantastic show for fans of all Mini's old and new. come along this Sunday the 29th January at Bingley Hall near Staffod doors openn at 9.30 am

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Thursday, 04 February 2016 23:41

Callum Wins Mini for £1

The stunning British Racing Green Mini Mayfair which  available to win for just £1 at the British Mini Clubs recent Mini Fair at Bingley Hall near Stafford proved very popular. The return of the raffle Mini for 2016 certainly drew the crowds during the show. The great man, Paddy Hopkirk MBE, very kindly signed the sun visor. Helping to make the Mini more unique. 

Show sponsors Footman James also very kindly provided £250 towards the lucky winners insurance.

Long queues over the course of the afternoon kept the BMC busy with raffle ticket sales. But who won this great prize? The Mini Mayfair could very well be worth upto £6000. Very big crowds were in place for the presentation at 4pm. We could feel the anticipation in the hall. After all the Pride Of Ownership trophies had been presented to the lucky winners the big moment of the day arrived. 

Drawn by the legend that is Paddy Hopkirk. Dave Hollis from the BMC revealed the winning numbers... Yellow 28, a big shout of YESSSS!!! from the balcony above. Now the very lucky ticket holder only had 1 minute to run down from the balcony area to the British Mini Club stand!!! 

A very out of breath and happy Callum from Barnsley in Yorkshire claimed his prize from Paddy. He was asked if he is a Mini owner. In reply Callum said "I am now" 

Well done Callum we are really pleased for you. His mum told us he wil never sell it. It really is a stunning Mini Mayfair. Callum is one very lucky chap.

You to could win a classic Mini at Mini Fair 2017 on the 29th January.. More details as the year goes on.

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Wednesday, 03 February 2016 00:10

Mini Fair 2016 - Images

What a fantastic day at the British Mini Clubs Mini Fair at Bingley Hall near Stafford. Packed solid with Mini fans from around the world. The amount of Mini bits going out the day for future use and restorations was simply staggering. Just goes to prove the Mini scene is as strong as ever and very much thriving.. Many thanks to everyone for coming along and supporting the show.

Below is a gallery of images from Flickr which we hope capture the atmosphere. The same album is also on our facebook page where we invite to you to tag yourself and your Mini friends

 Mini Fair Facebook Album

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Monday, 01 February 2016 09:45

Mini Fair 2016 - Show Results

An excellent Pride Of Ownership at the British Mini Clubs 17th Mini Fair. Held at Bingley Hall near Stafford on the 31st January 2016. The show area was packed with quality classic and modern Mini's right from 1959 to present day. Pride Of Ownership is not always about the Mini but also the owner as well. 

The club stands on the balcony were great fun as well, with massive efforts from all clubs. With the recent release of the Star Wars film the British Mini Club decided to go with the Star Wars theme for the clubs as well. Midlands Mini Club just scrapped home to celebrate another win. Maybe it was the costumes that won it.

Victoria Giggs won the coveted Mini Of The Day with her wonderful Cherry Red 1980's Cherry red Mini. The first time we have seen her Mini at a British Mini Club event, She only joined at the NEC Classic Car Show on November and we mentioned how she might like to bring her Mini along to Mini Fair. Who would have thought this would have ended in winning Mini Of The Day.


All the results are below along with a gallery of images.

Mini Fair 2016 Pride Of Ownership Results

Classic Mini 1960's

1st Place: Sandra Britton  PAE 360F

2nd Place: Judy Weatherall NBU 46E

Classic Mini' 1970's

1st Place: Nathan Badger LDM 134T

2nd Place: Sandra Britton DYC 559C

Classic Mini 1980's

1st Place: Victoria Giggs EMK 26V

2nd Place: James Connor G189 POD

Classic Mini 1990's

1st Place: Stephen Butler H297 XBV

2nd Place: Ruth Austin J146 MBW


1st Place: Stacey Reed YK57 OKG

2nd Place: Helen Granger YF62 NYK

Best Modified and Custom Mini

1st Place: Jon Haughton F165 FTU

2nd Place: Danny Hobson

Best Mini Of The Show

Victoria Giggs

Best Club Stand

1st Place: Midlands Mini Club

2nd Place: Stoke Orange Boxes

3rdPlace: Robin Hood Mini's

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Add more power and a sequential gearbox to your Mini with Vetech Hayabusa! See the very first public launch at the British Mini Clubs Mini Fair on January 31st at Bingley Hall near Stafford.

The design replaces the engine and transmission in a Classic Mini, including a gearbox , limited slip diff and reverse gear with minimal modification. With 190bhp right through to 360 bhp in the supercharged version. Designed by Vetech Product Design and Development of Buxton in Derbyshire and revealed exclusivley at Mini Fair

Andy Smith of Vetech tells us the following:

After almost 4 years of development, the Vetech Hayabusa will be on sale shortly. It utilises the key components of the original Suzuki engine and gearbox. These are repositioned into a package more suited for use in a car. Most importantly, it fits into the engine bay of a classic Mini without the need to modify any of the body panels or shell, making this a conversion that is easy to install, sympathetic to the original vehicle and one that does not require an IVA. Minor clearance needs to be added to the front subframe only.

Vetech Product Design and Development Ltd is a prototyping and design consultancy based in Derbyshire. We have designed, prototyped, developed and tested products for blue-chip companies for over 22 years. Facilities at our workshop include 4 CNC machining centres, 2 injection moulding machines, dedicated testing areas and a wide range of toolroom equipment.


Many years ago, director Andrew Quigley had the idea of using our expertise to develop a system which would allow a Hayabusa engine in to a Mini and work on the project started in earnest 4 years ago.

The first job was to reverse engineer all the standard Suzuki parts and model them into our CAD system - a major undertaking! We then redesigned all the casings below the barrels to make it fit into a classic Mini engine bay and also to solve the many problems associated with putting a motorbike engine in a car. We added in a limited slip differential and modified the gearbox to include reverse gear and a full neutral between 1st and rev with the option of either manual or paddle change versions. We have also created a new clutch slave cylinder that will prevent the clutch over-traveling and locking up.

All the casings were CNC machined in-house. Jigs and fixtures were made as required, all the time working with the intention of batch production in the future. By the end of 2014 the majority of engine 1 was made and awaiting assembly in our clean room. In the summer of 2015 it was built and it started for the first time on August 7th. The engine was mapped with the assistance of G&G Motorsport the following month and the engine easily achieved 190bhp at the drive shafts.  The mapping was done on our own water brake dynamometer in a dyno test cell specifically built for this project and the future ambitions that we have for it.

Having got a working engine the next step was to install it into a car. Andrew’s 1969 Cooper S, which has been in a garage for 28 years waiting for a project like this, seemed the perfect vehicle! It has been fully stripped and rebuilt, and there has been a steady stream of parts arriving by mail and passing through the workshop. It has been fitted with the new Vetech Hayabusa and will be at Curborough in February for final tests.


Although the engine is specifically designed to fit a classic Mini it would be well suited to most lightweight front- or mid-engined cars, or any bespoke conversion. Initially the engine will be offered naturally aspirated, but it has been designed with future forced induction variants in mind. There is also potential for a longitudinally mounted version for rear wheel drive cars.

Outline specification

The solution offered is a package of components which allows the customer's own Hayabusa to be rebuilt into the engine and transmission unit on display at the show. This will be offered either as a kit of parts to be assembled by the customer or as a fully built engine.

190 bhp / 140kW at 9100RPM max power.

120lbft / 163 Nm at 7300RPM max torque.

Over 100lbft / 136Nm from 5000RPM to 9500RPM.

Quaife limited slip differential.

Unequal length, torsionally optimised driveshafts to minimise torque steer.

Sequential gear box with 6 forward gears, full neutral and reverse.

Option of either manual or paddle change

Will fit in a classic mini engine bay without any modification to the shell, inner wings, bonnet, grill or front valance.

Base engine weighs less than 100kg

Naturally aspirated version can easily be updated to a super charger at a later date.

Check out this stunning and unique build at the British Mini Clubs Mini Fair on Sunday 31st 2016 at Bingley Hall near Stafford. Mini Fair is the UK's biggest indoor Mini event and the home of Mini innovation products.

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Monday, 25 January 2016 14:52

Win a Mini at Mini Fair 2016


Seeing is believing 

British Mini Club are pleased to announce this years raffle Mini is a stunning 1995 Mini saloon.

Finished in British Racing Green with White roof.

An outstanding Mini which will have a new owner at the end of the show.

We are so proud that we are the only event where you can win a classic Mini for a £1 on the day of the show, no other event offers you this great opportunity. We hope that visitors to the event support the raffle and purchase as many tickets as possible, enabling us to carry on giving the chance for someone to win such an amazing prize.

Tickets are on sale from 9.30am on the British Mini Club stand.

Make sure that this is your first port of call, but you can buy as many tickets as you like throughout the day.

Tickets are just £1.00 each, not bad for a Mini that is worth around £6000.

Mini Fair takes place this Sunday 31st January at the Staffordshire County Showground, Stafford, ST18 0BD.

We open at 9.30am to everyone.

£12.00 per person
Under 12's FREE.

The BMC team are looking forward to seeing you all the show.

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