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Paul Moran, a first time entrant with his beautiful Mini Pick-Up wins the British Mini Clubs Premier Concours  Silver Trophy at the 1st attempt. An incredible achievemnent considering the quality of the competition at Mini Fest 2012. Paul was so proud to lift the trophy and a cheque for £500. In fact we think he still can not believe what has happened!! Paul has now earned the right to call his Mini Pick Up the Best In The Country for 2012. His Mini will now be displayed on the British Mini Clubs stand at the Classic Car show at the NEC in November. With our top judges in action, like Dereks Mini Centre, Wayne Brownhill, Vaughan Horden and company we knew it was going to be a very tough competition

It was even harder to win the coveted trophy this year as we had no heats due to the bad weather at previous events. All the classic Mini class winners at Mini Fest were then looked at again by the British Mini Clubs Chief Judges, who decided on the winner. With Paul scoring an incredible maximum mark of 200 pts in his class win. He was against the likes of previous winners Claire Serrel and Tracey Lippett. We could not take points scored into consideration as all judges mark differently. A very tough job indeed. After much deliberation, and sould searching it was decided Pauls Mini just had to be the winner for 2012. It would have been hard for visitors to disagree, although it was a very close run thing between all the class winners and caused much stress deciding on the Mini Fest Premier winner. A massive well done to everyone for taking part in this years Classic Mini Premier Concours.

The new MINI did not let us down as they never do, every year the quality of these cars just gets better, with the likes of  David Hobbs, Brett Deackon, Stever Moore and Richard Prior taking part we knew it was going to be an interesting afternoon, and just as tough as the classic Mini's. We introduced a new class of 2008 onwards to try and split the cars up a bit this year. Again we revisited the class winners to try and decide on an overall MINI of the day. This award going to a well deserved Richard Prior with his superb Mini Cooper. The British Mini Club always welcome the news MINI to our events, unfortuantly we did not have enough entrants this year for a Premier Trophy, but we are are looking to reintroduce this top prize. Please don't be shy bring your MINI along to a BMC event and take part in this wonderful competiton.

For the first time we introduced Show 'N' Shine to a British Mini Club event and with some 50 Minis taking part, both classic and new, this proved a massive success and attracted some beautiful cars including a dancing new MINI complete with air suspension. All entrants were provided with a judging slip and asked to vote for the car of their choice. We were very pleased with how this went and it seemed to evelove during the day into its own little community as well, with everyone looking so relaxed as well, and the cars attracting a lot of attention. Thank you to all for taking part and we will continue to run Show N Shine at our future events. 

 Pleae scroll down to view all the results. A massive thank you to all our judges, entrants and everyone who took part at Mini Fest.

Premier Concours Results for Mini Fest 2012 – September 2nd at Uttoxeter Racecourse.

Classic Mini Premier Class

1st Paul Moran TTR 764T Mini Pick Up

2nd Claire Serrell F525 KTW Mini Limited Edition

3rd Ian Matthews STG 95F Mini Cooper and S

New MINI Of The Day

Richard Prior W10 RKP MINI 2001-2006

GP Trophy in memory of Mick Walsh  presented to GP0752

Classic Mini 1959 – 1969

1st: Jason Field NF0 644 177pts

2nd Sandra Britton PAE 360F 175pts

3rd  John Derby VMR 889 147pts

Classic Mini 1970 – 1979

1st Eric Madeley ACH 224W 151pts

2nd Paul Smith ERW 940L 144pts

3rd Dennis Hollins ABM 187L 86pts

Classic Mini 1980 – 1989

1st James Connor G339 POD 168pts

2nd William Dudgeon E114 JLH  104pts

3rd Chris Cartledge F937 CKW 102pts

Classic Mini 1999 – 2000

1st Martin Wixon X174 UFC 173pts

2nd Daz Cartwright M720 TAK 160pts

Mini Clubman All Marques

1st Wayne, Vicky and George Brownhill YDH 721X 192pts

2nd Alan Slater TAK 489J 191pts

3rd Callum Lovell HRF 909N

Classic Mini Van and Pick Up

1st Paul Moran TTR 764T 200pts

2nd Andrew Nash UBD 625W  199pts

3rd Adam Padmore KMB 551C 198pts


1st Trina Roberts Q318 RCA 182pts


1st Andrew Elsdon and Tom Vandebilt MWA 154P 189pts

2nd Paul Dawson C13 PAD 185pts

3rd Mark Willis K170 VNX 168pts

Classic Mini Cooper and S

1st Ian Matthews STG 95F 186pts

2nd Matthew Critchley KBY 836E 168pts

3rd Paul Slater GUY 492J 151


1st Gary Parker J322 MTM 170pts

2nd Paul Porter ROH 751R 163pts

Limited Editions

1st Claire Serrell F525 KTU 197pts

2nd Richard Sutton G160 NRB 188pts

3rd Amy Dale F544 JFO 135pts

Classic Cabriolet

1st Tracy Lippett M821 CLN 198pts

2nd Julie Cairns L59 TBD 192

3rd Nigel Jarvis A12 LNJ 187pts

MINI 2001 – 2006

1st Richard Prior W10 RKP 198pts

2nd Mike Strudwick W6 MST 185pts

3rd Steve Moore H4Y GP 181pts

MINI 2007 onwards

1st David Hobbs F1 DJH 195pts

MINI Clubman

1st Brett Deacon V2 BRD 192pts

2nd Daniel Sturgess KJ08 AEL 177pts

3rd John Moore DE60 NLX 175pts

SHOW ‘N’ SHINE Results

Classic Mini

1st H7 ESD

2ndM139 WUD


1st S7 HBW

2nd VK59 WNR

Concours Best Of Section

Best Paint Classic Mini UBD 625W

Best Paint New MINI F1 DJH

Best Engine Classic Mini G339 POD

Best Engine New MINI V2 BRD

Best Interior Classic Mini YDU 721X

Best Interior New MINI W10 RKP

Best Presented Classic Mini KMB 551C

Best Presented New MINI H4Y GP

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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 12:36

Mini Fest 2011 - Show Winners

Tracy Lippett and David Hobbs sweep the board at the British Mini Clubs Mini Fest Premier Concours Finals. After winning there classes at our May event at Himley Hall Tracy and David along with all class winners were invited to the Premier Finals at Uttoxeter Racecourse. They went into 'battle' against some top concours Mini/MINis and came out winners. Judged by Wayne Brownhill, David won by an incredible 1 point with his superb red MINI Cooper S JCW with 192 points out of 200. Tracy, also judged by Wayne, had a look of complete shock on her face when her name was called out at prize giving. Her Classic Mini Cabriolet won with 189 points. Both Premier Finals classes were very close again this year. The quality just amazes us every year.

It was also good to see Paul Porter return to concours after a  3 year absence with the most immaculate custom 1275GT and winning his class. Paul will be one to be reckoned soon in Premier Class we think. It was good to see the MINI GP's in attendance and they once again decided on a winner of the coveted GP Mick Walsh Shield, won by GP0044.

The club stands again had plenty of fun with a Scalextric theme, with some clever and innovative ideas. With replica tracks and stands, plus a Brooklands version from the 1920's A close call saw our judges give the award to a new club on the scene, MINIS Unleasehed. Well done to all you did yourselves proud.

Premier Class Concours 2012 starts at Himley Hall on Sunday 6th May, Don't forget to pre-book your concours place by using our event sign up area.

Classic Mini Premier:

1st: Tracy Lippett M821 CLW 189pts 2nd: Martin Wixon X174 UFC 186pts 3rd: Jason Field 183pts

New MINI Premier:

1st: David Hobbs F1 DJH 192pts 2nd: Kevin Prior N600 KEV 191pts 3rd: Darren Simon DAZ 6101 177pts

GP Mick Walsh Shield:

Presented to GP004

Classic Mini 1959-1969

1st: Dave Rippard 819 XVV 175pts 2nd: Sandra Britton PAE 360F 169pts 3rd: Alastair Gray 62 FUO 165

Classic Mini 1970-1979

1st: Tom Vandebilt / Andrew Elsdon MWA 154P 181pts 2nd: Dennis Hollins ABM 187L 147pts

Classic Mini 1980-1989

1st: James Connor G339 POD 140pts

Classic Mini 1990-2000

1st: Chris Hondford T674 MPL 162pts 2nd: John Genders S50 WKS 158pts 3rd: Helen Hallworth T99 CPR 140pts

Mini Clubman All Marques

1st: Calum Lovell HRF 909W 186pts 2nd: Stuart Short XER 632T 185pts 3rd: Gary Beech WFR 15R 150pts

Mini Van and Pick Up

1st: Michelle Pizzey OEG 616X 195pts 2nd: David Bowers LAW 446W 192pts 3rd: Malcolm Corbett SAC 194R 176pts


1st: Paul Dawson C13 PAD 197pts 2nd: James McLean T980 FAN 191pts 3rd: Russell Heath R442 CGF 188pts

Mini Cooper and S

1st: Paul Slater GUY 492J 189pts 2nd: David Coulson RAH 308F 143pts 3rd: David Morton GPF 146G 125pts


1st: Paul Porter ROH 751R 140pts 2nd: Gary Parker J322 MTM 111pts 3rd: David Fulwell 155 FXB 84pts

Limited Editions

1st: Richard Sutton G160 NRB 190pts 2nd: Stephen Robinson P635 CRB 179pts 3rd: Mr Harper 7375 R 159pts

Classic Cabriolet

1st: Nigel Jarvis A12 LNJ 130pts

New MINI Hatch 2001 - 2007

1st: Mark Bennett X21 YNX 197pts 2nd: Miles Green NY06 KMZ 191pts 3rd: Mike Strudwick NJ6 MST 184pts

New MINI Clubman

1st Fiona Mannion M50 FMM 130pts

The Rat Look

1st: G402 GFL 2nd: 2708 VB

Special Awards

Best Paint Classic Mini: GUY 492J Best Paint New MINI:W6 MST

Best Engine Classic Mini: NFO 644 Best Engine New MINI: X2 LYNX

Best Interior Classic Mini: M821 CLW Best Interior New MINI: F1 DJH

Best Presented Classic Mini: T674 ATM Best Presented New MINI: DAZ 6101

Best Club Stand

1st: MINIS Unleashed 2nd: Birmingham Mini Owners Club 3rd: Robin Hood Mini Owners Club


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Wednesday, 31 August 2011 15:10

Premier Concours Information and Classes

The first round of our Premier Mini Concours takes place at Himley Hall.  Some of the finest Classic Minis and New MINI's turn out at British Mini Days, we have 10 classes to suit every type of Mini/MINI.  Autoglym are once again sponsoring our concours giving winners of each class a special Autoglym polish pack.

Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Autoglym best in show sections for both Classic Mini and modern MINI:  best engine, paint, interior, presented.  Best Mini in show wins £250.

All concours entrants must pay in advance at £10 per Mini. This includes your concours entry fee along with the show entrance for the driver. Extra passengers will be £9 each. If you would like to enter please complete the application form using the link below.

Download your Mini Concours booking form by clicking PDF logo, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Himley Hall 2017 - Sunday 7th May



 Concours Classes :

Classic Mini 1959-1969

Classic Mini 1970-1979

Classic Mini 1980-1989

Classic MIni 1990-2000

Mini Cooper & Cooper S

Mini Clubman (All Marques)

Mini Van & Pick Up

Custom & Modified Classic Mini

New MINI  2001-2006

New MINI  2007-2014

How To Enter

We prefer pre-booking by using the forms on our website, email or by phone. However you can still enter on the day. Forms are available on the day for £5.00.

How it Works

Points are awarded primarily for cleanliness and condition of all parts and areas. This also includes a Check and Test section where the working order of lights, horn and engine etc are examined. Consideration will be given for the age and mileage of the car. The judges work from car to car, so please be by your Mini when they arrive. Judging commences 12.30pm. Presentation takes place at the British Mini Club membership centre  around 4.00pm.

Something Special For Premier Winners at Stoneleigh Park

Winners from Himley Hall in May go head to head at  Britains Best Indoor Mini Event at Stoneleigh Park on the 15th October in the Premier Class Finals. The winner of our Premier Mini Concours will receive £500 and a Silver Trophy, along with trophies for 2nd and 3rd places. All other entrants in Premier get a special medal to prove they were in the finals. It's going to be a massive year for all conours entries with chances to get into the Premier Finals. So get your polishing cloths out and let us see your Minis/MINIs shine at our British Mini day.


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