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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 20:37

Project 64 Break Landspeed Record

Bonneville records fall to 52 year old New Zealand Mini.

17 August 2016, Bonneville, Utah.

The Kiwi land speed record team running a 1964 Mini Cooper S at Bonneville Speed Week are celebrating success having claimed two world records so far at Bonneville Speed Week in Utah, USA.

The first record was set on tuning runs for the little Mini that has gained a great deal of attention at the iconic Speed Week event. In the I/BGALT class they set a speed of 144.033mph (231.799kph) on a 133.896mph (215.485kph) record.

The team then switched classes to I/BFALT - a change from petrol to methanol, and on a tuning run for methanol broke the 140.458mph (226.045kph) class record with a speed of 158.039mph (254.339kph). They were unable to back this up due to a hose fault on their next run. Once the problem was solved they went out again and qualified at 153.710mph (247.372kph), and backed it up the next morning for a record result of 156.006mph (251.067kph)

These are both huge results in a sport where records are often claimed by margins of three decimal points.

This afternoon the team will again switch classes and attempt to break another record. With only two and a half days left of Speed Week, time is running out to show the little car's full potential.

For more information and the team's progress check social media sites:
Facebook: @project64mini 
Twitter: @project64mini 
Instagram: @project64mini 
YouTube: Search project 64 mini

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2016 Donington Park – BigMacRacing / Kieren McDonald

Not the best time at Donington for the British Mini Club supported Big Mac Racing in the Mini Se7en Challenge. Kieren McDonald takes up the story below:

The Leicestershire circuit of Donington Park hosted rounds 7 & 8 of the Dunlop mini se7en challenge and mini miglia, both supported by Mini Spares.  In the lead up to the event there had been severe flooding across the UK but luckily it was forecast to be dry during the event.

Hunter Racetech prepped the car ahead of the meet but unfortunately not for Max, as he was off on a pre-booked trip to Le Mans. There was little to do following the superb trip to Castle Combe but still very important to check over with a fine tooth combe to ensure reliability and make sure the setup was spot on. Stocks were topped up from a visit to the friendly bunch at Motor Serv and an order placed with Mini Spares.

We were delighted to have the garages over the weekend, making it that bit more comfortable to work on cars, relax and chat. Roland kindly delivered my latest Mini Spares order - a few consumables I needed to renew and also a new front grille.

Quali didn't go quite to plan as I experienced a misfire, which got progressively worse. I came into the pits a few times but a problem like this is not typically an easy diagnosis and fix.  I was surprised to hear I still managed to qualify 5th for the first race and 10th for the second race.  Following quali, we gave it a good check-over which all looked fine. Dunc, Dick and Selby looked at tracking down the cause of the misfire and made a few changes, including a sensor change. It would only be out on circuit we would find out if the problem was resolved.

Race 1 started very well - a good getaway off the line and swiftly gained positions up to P3. Soon I was ahead and dicing with Lewis. We exchanged positions a couple of times for P1 but were certainly slowing and allowing our fellow competitors into the frame. A couple of laps from the end I squeezed in front on the inside at Redgate but faced immediate pressure from Lewis down Craner. I was off the racing line and turned into the Old Hairpin carrying too much speed. My rear left wheel touched the mud slightly and immediately catapulted me across the circuit. 

Lewis had nowhere to go and we had quite a big impact, resulting in a flat tyre and damaged wheel for me so had to limp back to the pits with a DNF. Fortunately Lewis was able to regain control and finish in P2. Not quite the 1-2 we had hoped for but plenty of positives and learning to be taken from the race.

Race 2 was always going to be a challenge from P10 to get up the front. I started well off the line similarly to the first race and was able to gain positions, finding myself in P5. That almost changed where I was tapped into the last chicane but managed to pull out of the sideways drift and get back on form. The front 4 had broken away but I managed to break away from the next pack and nibble away at the front.  It looked like I was gaining, although was very difficult with no-one around to pace myself.

A safety car helped close the gap to the front 4 but it also put more pressure from behind. I got away well when the race resumed and was soon looking for a way past Graeme in P4. I was unlucky to run into the back of Graeme at McLeans where he missed a gear. The alternator pulley pierced the radiator leading to a few moments due to coolant spilling over my front left tyre. As soon as the temperature started to rise I switched it off and pulled over with the second DNF of the weekend.

Although two DNF's were very disappointing, there were many positives to take away from the weekend - yet again we were battling for P1, the car was reliable and plenty of learning to be taken from the races. Well done to everyone, especially Lewis & Rob who snatched P1 in front of the Motors TV cameras! It was good to see we also had a good amount of coverage, which is always great for our sponsors.

Next rounds are 16/17 July at Brands Hatch for the Mini Festival - the highlight of the Mini 7 Racing Club calendar. It is now time to prepare the car and myself with Hunter Racetech, Selby Race Engines and Simply Race.  I may need to visit Classic and Custom Works for some bodywork repairs and of course ensure my Mini Spares parts boxes are all stocked up! Credit to MB Race Photography for the great quality photographs.

Thank you for all your invaluable support:

Mini Spares

Simply Race

Selby Race Engines

Hunter Racetech

Classic & Custom Works

British Mini Club

MB Race Photography

Rainmac Crafts

Friends & Family (including those over social media)

Here are my in car race videos for you to enjoy:

Race 1:

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Race 2:

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Check out all the in-car video footage from throughout the season!


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The British Mini Club supported Big Mac Racing  on Bank holiday 29/30 May went back to the previously water-logged Wiltshire circuit, Castle Combe with the Mini Se7en Challenge.  This time however it was a different affair - no rain in sight.

During the lead up to the event, Selby Race Engines worked very hard on the engine. I was very eager to try it out - on paper it looked great. Hunter Racetech prepared the car to ensure everything was hanging together and pointing the right way with the Selby set up. Both parties have put an incredible amount of effort into ensuring everything was perfect, with no stone unturned. The quality of the Mini Spares parts is evident when being prepared - the parts are lasting well with no poor wear or play - just what you need when pushing these a-series tin tops to the limits!

I prepared by testing the circuit over at Simply Race. This is invaluable practise to get a feel for the circuit and racing lines - very cost effective simulator racing. I feel very privileged to be associated with this professional set up. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          We were lucky to have a free practice organised at Castle Combe on the Saturday morning. This was great for me, as I hadn't raced for a while (having missed Cadwell with birth of baby boy no.2) and to try the engine out. Immediately I felt relaxed and at one with the car. The engine was a clear difference - pulling amazingly in every gear! I was surprised to hear I topped the times from free practice, although didn't want to get carried away with myself - the real racing was still to come!

Quali was interrupted by a few incidents, unfortunately a few sustained considerable damage but glad to see everyone ok. Oil was dropped making Tower rather interesting! My best time was put in after the oil had been dropped but surprisingly placed me 2nd for race one and first...yes first...for race 2!! My first ever front row qualifications and first ever POLE position. What a feeling! This engine is superb!

Race 1 couldn't have started better with me moving straight into P1 and then having a great battle with Max, Lewis and Spencer. Swapping places mainly with Max throughout the race but keeping it clean was a great experience. I made a novice leader mistake by not checking for the last lap board and only realised when everyone started scrapping for position. I over cooked it going into the first chicane dropping me back to P4, which is how the race ended. I was slightly disapointed but not too much as I came away with fastest lap, a wealth of experience and a great close battle. Well done to Max, Lewis and Spencer.

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Race 2 started like a dream - first ever POLE position start and stayed that way off the line. I used my head far more having learnt from the previous race and worked as a pack with mainly Max and Lewis, with Spencer also looming. Combe is such a fast circuit, yet we managed to keep contact free for the majority of the race with some epic close racing. I felt I was much smoother and drove a better race. Once again, I missed the last lap board (you would have thought I had learnt my lesson!!!) and only realised when it got a bit frantic into Quarry. I dropped back to P3 to cross the line, however Spencer was penalised for track limits so was promoted to P2. The first ever Selby 1-2-3 amazing! Once again, hats off to Max, Lewis and Spencer - cracking racing! Fantastic team results for Rob and Dick.

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 A weekend to remember and is certainly my best yet with more to come. A superb race car package and support around me has got me here and I am truly grateful. What an amazing experience - well done team! Credit to MB Race Photography for the great quality photographs.

Next rounds are 18/19 June at Donington Park in Leicestershire. In the meantime Hunter Racetech will be preparing the car and I will be preparing myself over at Simply Race - the best simulator racing venue in the country!

Thank you for all your invaluable support:

Mini Spares

Simply Race

Selby Race Engines

Hunter Racetech

Classic & Custom Works

British Mini Club

Opie Oils

MB Race Photography

Rainmac Crafts

Friends & Family (including those over social media)

Follow Big Mac Racing 




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The British Mini Club recently started to support a very promising youngman in the MINI Challenge Series. Nathan Harrison runs a MINI in the JCW Class and he is doing very well. Youn will soon start to see the BMC logo on his MINI. The JCW Class is te ultimate in MINI racing and probably the closest you will get to touring cars. Featuring sequential gearbox and motorsport ECU

Over the recent Bank Holiday weekend the latest rounds took place at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix. A bit of a varied but sucessful weekend for Nathan.

He takes up the story below:

" I thought Id just update you as I have had the third round of the Mini Challenge Championship this weekend at Silverstone. On Saturday we had Qualifying in the morning unfortunately we didn't get to test the day before as it was fully booked. So we went into Qualifying learning the set up I managed to Qualify 3rd for the first race which I was pleased about. In the first race on Saturday afternoon I Started 3rd Unfortunately I was lacking power in 5th and 6th Gear leaving me 8 Miles per hour slower at the end of the straights. For most of the race I had to defend and it paid off as I finished 3rd. This meant on the Sunday morning for race two you start where you finish. But after the race when I pulled In we realised we was leaking oil, Coastal racing my team spent all evening stripping the car down to cure the problem for Sunday. Now the Oil change was fixed we investigated the lack of power but couldn't resolve it for the next Two race's But I managed to Come 2nd in the 2nd race and 3rd In the final race. Overall I have caught Charlie Butler-Henderson up and now joint leading the Championship again. Now this week the engine is being sent to Mini to investigate further the problems."

 So after suffering engine problems and having to defend his position Nathan did very well to take two podium finishes and as you can see is joint leader of the JCW Championship.

Keep upto date with Nathan Harrison via

Tune into Motors TV on June 11 at 20:22 and June 12 at 15:20 to catch all the action from Silverstone

All the latest MINI Challenge news can be found at

Have you thought about joining the world's leading Mini Club. For just £25 for first year you can be part of the British Mini Club. You don't even need to own a Mini to join


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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 13:14

Big Mac Racing At Castle Combe 2016

Big Mac Racing supported by the British Mini Club continued this years Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge at the rescheduled rounds 1 and 2 at Castle Combe on May 29th - 30th 2016. After recent engine work and improvements by SelbyRace Engines race saw a very respectable 2nd place on the grid for Kieren McDonald and a 4th place finish against very strong competiton.

Kieren takes up the story "what a cracking weekend at Castle Combe Circuit with the Mini 7 Racing Club and amazing racing with good friends! Both races very close and fair with Lewis Selby, Max Hunter and Spencer Wanstall. A quick round up - fastest in practice, 2 front row race starts, first pole position, fastest lap in race 1, P4 and P2 finishes, led many laps across both races, didn't clock the last lap board in either race lol and to top it off kind words from many including Rob, Dick and Peter Baldwin"

To add to the exceitment during the weekend Team Big Mac Racing even took to live broadcasting on Facebook. We kept sharing this to our own Facebook page over the course of the two days. Keep up with Big Mac Racing and re-live the live broadcasts at

Now enjoy some fantastic in car footage of Race 1 and 2 at Castle Combe with Big Mac Racing in the Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge.

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See al the results with lap analysis on this link

Keep up to date with Big Mac Racing at:

The British Mini Club are proud to continue to support Big Mac Racing in the Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge  2016

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The British Mini Club have been associated with Kieren McDonald of Big Mac Racing in the Mini Se7en Series, and Clive King of classic Mini rallying fame. We are now very happy to have secured the British Mini Club logo on the MINI Cooper S JCW driven by very promising young MINI Challenge racer Nathan Harrison.

Nathan is starting to make his mark in the MINI Challenge after a successful start to his career in karting. Then a move into Ginetta Juniors.

Via a blog on Love Mini Nathan tells us

“Hello guys, I'm Nathan Harrison, British-born racing driver living in Oxford. Starting back in 2002 me and my dad Steve used to race at the local karting track in Reading aged six.

Soon I started to win races but had to wait until the age of eight before I could join the National Championships. At the age of 13 I took my first British Championship, I then went onto being ranked 2nd in Britain and 2nd in Europe, earning myself a ticket for the world finals in Abu Dhabi representing the United Kingdom. After a brilliant time in such a different environment I managed to place myself 6th in the world.”

 After a two year gap Nathan managed to put in an impressive drive at Donington he went on to gain a ride in the MINI Challenge Cooper for 2015. He managed to become the Cooper 2015 Champion at the young age of 19. This year he had progressed very successfully into a brand new John Cooper Works F56 MINI Cooper S. The pinicale of the MINI Challenge Series in the UK

Nathan is already taking the challenge to the old guard in the 2016 Series. In what is dubbed one of the closest to a touring car. Maybe that is his next step. This is the first time the F56 JCW has made it’s way into the MINI Challenge and Nathan is close to leading the pack.

Read more about this very exciting young man, Nathan Harrison, via the blog

We should have a report from this season’s opening race in the next issue of the British Mini Club’s magazine Mini Driver. The magazine is free to club members. Sign up now to make sure you receive yours.

The British Mini Club will helping raise interest in Nathan by regular race reports on our website and magazine. We will also be following him via twitter as well

Nathan can also be found on facebook

And Twitter @nathanracing

Watch out for his Military Green number 27 MINI Cooper JCW on the track and cheer him on to success. We really think he has a very good future in Motorsport

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MINI Challenge is a very exciting series find more at: 

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Tuesday, 09 February 2016 14:51

Mini Se7en At Zandvoort

If you visited the recent British Mini Clubs Mini Fair at Bingley Hall you would have seen a fantastic display by the Mini Se7en Racing Club to celebrate the start of the 50th year of the Mini Se7en Challenge. In fact it was the biggest display seen away from trackside. Late 2015 at the end of the season all entrantshad the chance to complete 2 rounds at the world famous Zandvoort track in Belgium. Big Mac Racing, supported by the British Mini Club, could not resist te chance to enter the season finale. Kieren McDonald takes up the story below. Scorll down to enjoy fantastic in car video as well.

"The month of October, miserable for some; normally cold, wet and windy. Not for those of us in the Mini 7 Racing Club that opted to enter the British Race Festival at Circuit Park Zandvoort. Glorious sunshine forecast for the first weekend in October, free race entry, a road trip and an iconic race circuit. Did I mention a stunning beach neighbouring the race circuit too? It was fair to say this was far too great an opportunity for the Mini Spares sponsored mini se7en team of BigMacRacing to turn down!

A 6 hour drive from Dunkirk took us through France, Belgium and finally to the Netherlands, mimicking a typical IMM road trip. The circuit at Zandvoort, once frequented by Formula One goers, was nostalgic. The 1985 F1 race was won by Niki Lauda but the all-too-common noise pollution rulings, affecting many race circuits, halted any return for the pinnacle of single seater racing.

The excitement and anticipation was soon behind me once let out for our free practice session on Saturday morning. Fast, sweeping bends and plenty of camber to challenge. Now I know why Tarzan is such a famous corner - extremely high banked at the end of a high speed straight. No issues at all and some decent times - 3rd fastest in practice and qualified 4th.  To wind down, the organisers put on a fantastic BBQ with a British themed pub, a great way of sharing the festivities with the Dutch contingent of the miniracers Facebook group and mini 7 club.


We had 2 races on Sunday and got myself right in the thick of a great battle with 4 other se7ens; apparently the spectator’s highlight of the weekend! My dreams certainly came alive with a 3rd place in Race 1. Although I topped that with a 2nd place in Race 2 with another tremendous close battle. The results could not have been better, especially considering the worn tyres and awful grid starts for both races.

The mini se7en is true racing icon, yet as with all series, development continues. The Selby engine and their newly designed straight-cut gearbox is a delight. The Selby & Hunter setup allows the se7en to navigate around the most daunting of corners at light speed. All of which playing a significant part in great lap times at Zandvoort; the perfect way to end a memorable 50th season of Mini7 Racing. Hunter preparation and Mini Spares quality parts brought a perfectly reliable weekend. Amazing all round – people, circuit and location – fingers crossed the Mini 7 Racing Club will be returning to Zandvoort in 2016. I couldn’t live the dream without the help of our sponsors and support – Thank you."

Enjoy the videos below then keep up to date with all the latest news by visiting 






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Barrie ‘Whizzo’ Williams is the latest celeb to join Circuit Déjà vu. Barry is well known to all of us here at the British Mini Club. You may remember his Mini on display on our stand at the NEC Classic Car Show in November. The Circuit Deja vu is an event to recreate the old Circuit of Ireland Easter Magic.

Via a recent post on our Facebook page Beatty Crawford tells us "Barrie Williams was first driver to win an international rally in a Mini Cooper S when he and john Griffith won the 1964 Welsh International Rally in the iconic 120MNP. He competed in the 1964 Circuit of Ireland in this car, seeded number 3, but retired with broken suspension. He has great memories of his time in Ireland and is relishing his return to Killarney next Easter with 120MNO, for this nostalgic event."

"Since 1964 he has competed in all sorts of rally and racing cars all over the world with great success and above with incredible good humour and enthusiasm. The pinnacle of his racing career was a couple of years in Formula Three in 1967 and 1968. “I was racing against people like Derek Bell, Ronnie Peterson and Frank Williams. They were wonderful days, but when my team-mate Chris Lambert was killed at Zandvoort, I decided to stop racing single-seaters.”

His "Whizzo" nickname comes from when he won the Welsh rally and a report in Autosport magazine asked: "Who is this Welsh whizz-kid?" It's stuck ever since although he’s not actually Welsh but grew up just over the border in Herefordshire.

Full details of Circuit Déjà vu on
Photographs courtesy of Retro-speed

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Monday, 13 July 2015 12:55

BigMacRacing Brands Hatch 2015

Brands Hatch Mini Festival - Mini Se7en Race Report
10 July 2015 – Kieren McDonald (BigMacRacing / Mini Spares #5)

At the recent Brands Hatch Mini Festival the  British Mini Club supported Big Mac Racing again had two decent finishes, read the story from the weekend and enjioy the footage of both round 7 and 8.

The highlight of the year soon came around – the season seems to be trailing along at light speed. The first of the Mini Festivals was held at Brands Hatch and what a line up – everything from historic minis, se7ens, miglias, mighty minis, the latest BMW minis and even spaceframe “anything goes” minis. Plenty of stalls and display stands surrounded the Kent circuit, including our championship and our main sponsor Mini Spares. Mini Spares have been an immense help to get us out in the Mini 7 Championship so it was great to see them at this prestigious event and catch up outside of placing orders. Among the crowds were those from further afield, most notably the lovely Dutch crew, mini racers, run by Roald Rakers.

There was little to be done to Mini Spares #5 ahead of qualification, as a keen eye had already been cast by Hunter Racetech back at their HQ. Once again, along with Classic and Custom Works, a new front end graced us following a hick up on the last rounds at a slippery Rockingham circuit – hopefully the last for a while. It was fantastic to welcome Rob Smith and family from Classic and Custom Works to the event – always very busy and passionate with many great projects on the go, but taking some time out to enjoy the British classics fight wheel to wheel.


The weather forecasters delivered the sunshine ready for qualifying, where we set out on a busy 29 car grid and that was with a few missing, not to mention new ones soon to set foot in the arena. It is always difficult to get a clean lap at Brands with many cars fighting it out for their quickest lines around the tight and twisty track. Not quite as planned but we qualified 14th for both races but there were no dramas and everything ran smoothly so that was good. Frustration certainly topped my feelings getting out of the car so we set about watching the in car footage to work out what was going on. The car was checked over by Hunter Racetech to get ready for the first Mini Spares sponsored Mini Se7en Challenge race of the day.

The weather was still scorching for the first race, entering the race circuit along with 28 others, preparing for the 1st corner assault on the legendary Paddock Hill Bend. If you get a chance you really should walk the circuit to get a feel for the gradients and cambers involved! Unfortunately the 14th grid slot was placed on the outside but worst still, on the steepest section of the decline of the straight. The handbrake was not holding, proving a difficulty when trying to get a good launch – having to hover over both the brake and throttle was never a great recipe for a flying start. To make it worst I almost lost control going wide into Druids, putting me back into 18th leaving a lot of work to do. I got in gear and had a decent run but unfortunately some contact at Clearways set me back a bit (and lost me a bumper). Oil dropped all around the circuit led to stricken cars and everyone else sliding all over the place, eventually leading to a red flag being shown. The race was restarted with me starting in 13th but struggling to get off the line due to the carb icing up so lost a lot of ground. I had some good dices with my fellow competitors, a few close calls but ended the race in 11th.

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Sunday brought a mixed bag of weather with the forecast looking wet for the race. We headed out on dry tyres, sat in the assembly area for a long time whilst the rain gradually got harder. A last minute decision led to a blur of hands, tyres and wheels guns and before you knew it I was on wet tyres and entering the race circuit – great work Hunter Racetech! The rain soon stopped for the race start, which brought me the same issues with no handbrake and icing up so an even worse start. The track was very slippery and drivers cautious in the first few corners with the wet tyre choice proving correct. I made a few places up, making the most of the tyres but the lack of further rain and ambient temperature was soon drying the track. A safety car was deployed following an awful accident for Andrew Deviny – very happy to see him ok, although the car did not look so great after a head on shunt into the Armco. Somehow I lost touch with the guys in front when the race was restarted but soon caught up and tried my best to make further gains. I ended up dropping off again when my wet tyres struggled and those on dry tyres were pressuring me, leading to me driving a defensive line. I managed to make one further place to put me into 9th place when I spotted a gap on the last corner, leading to a near photo finish over the line.

Overall I did struggle over the weekend but I think mainly due to not engaging my head. Hunter Racetech and Selby Race Engines provided a great package and support before and during the weekend – shame I couldn’t take full advantage. Still there were many positives (no new front end needed!!) and 2 finishes. Racing has its ups and downs but Donington is next and I’m feeling very positive ahead of tackling that immense circuit. Mini Spares continue to provide excellent parts, service and overall support – we are very lucky to be involved with such a prestigious company. British Mini Club continue to provide great support over the social networks and Matthew Barrington Race Photography manages to capture some cracking action and memories. Credit goes to Matthew for the photos in this write up – some of which are from Rockingham as I didn’t manage to write a race report then. It was great to see all the old and new mini faces at Brands and really hope to chat soon – whether that be over Facebook, Twitter or in person at the next rounds of this fantastic racing championship. See you all at Donington Park 25-26 July!!





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For the latest news visit 

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An Amazing podium finish in Race 2 in the latest rounds of the Mini Se7en Challenge for the British Mini Club supported Big Mac Racing Mini driven by Kieren McDonald. Read the report below of these exciting races. Can Big Mac racing claim another podium in the next rounds? we certainly hope so. If your at a Mini Se7en Challenge event please make sure you cheer on Kieren in #5 as he is very much a rising star.


After the article is some amazing in car footage from race 2 and savour the 3rd place.


Snetterton Mini Se7en Race Report

12 May 2015 – Kieren McDonald (BigMacRacing / Mini Spares #5)

The season is certainly in full flow, having got past the first weekend of the season at Castle Combe; A time for reflection and preparation.  All eyes were on the weather forecast ahead of the Norfolk trip – rain or sunshine, which would it be. Plenty of fellow racers wish away the rain but I was certainly looking forward to a spot of wet weather dancing, after all what do they say about those who do well in the wet?


A combination of Mini Spares and Hunters Garage got BigMacRacing’s #5 mini se7en raring to go. Once again quality parts, speedy delivery, great knowledge and setup. We are very lucky to be sponsored and supported by great names in the business.


 A rare novelty going by the name of a “practice session” was available to us on Saturday morning to get a feel for the modern Snetterton 300 formation. It’s a long circuit at 2.99 miles and essential to get a good tow down one of the 2 long straights. I for one was looking forward to Snetterton as it is quite challenging with some unique twists and turns. Turn 1, Riches, pin points the brave ones with a combination of high speed & sideways action. Brundle/Nelson demonstrates multi-tasking at its best, sideways whilst high speed braking and changing gear before cleanly navigating through the chicane – fantastic when nailed right.


Qualification session followed on the Saturday morning – it was still dry, although high winds threatening to change that in an instant.  It proved difficult to get a clean lap with a superb busy 28-strong grid.  The red flag was waved after several laps due to a beached car; by the time the track was cleared, the rain began. For some reason I headed out for another lap and soon regretted that decision when my brakes locked up taking me on a little cross country trip. No damage and got back to the paddock so a relief. I was reasonably happy with my performance, although frustrated not having more time to get a clean lap. It turned out I had qualified 4th for the first race and 5th for the 2nd race, fantastic outcome for the team!


Race 1 was proven to be a test of strategy – it had been raining lots but the sun was shining brightly. We opted for the wets last minute as there appeared to be plenty of standing water. The field was split, some had opted for the same choice, others for the dry tyres.  We were led out for our green flag laps by Mini Spares raffle winner, Guy Pither, in his own mini and found the track conditions were better to suited to dry tyres.  I started on the 2nd row of the grid besides Max Hunter and was always going to be tough to get a clean start and not lose positions from being on the outside.  The start went ok and a clean race commenced, which is always tough when the racing is so close and tyres and brakes are cold.  Unfortunately lost a few places along the way and then struggled with the wet tyres as I over-drove it towards the end trying to get back in the game. Some dropped oil caused me to go wide and collect some mud but finally finished P7.



Race 2 was far more positive and one to remember – not a great start so lost a couple of places from 5th place grid start. I soon composed myself and started hooking up some fast laps, contributing to the 2nd fastest time overall. Before I knew it I had pulled off some great moves to get into P1, even stretching a lead. A little excitement got the better of me so over-drove it on a few corners, allowing the others to catch up and drag me down the back straight. An incident caused some damage and lost me time so crossed the finishing line in P3. Great result for the team in only the second race weekend of the season. A disappointment not to clinch the top slot but a brilliant result all the same.




Many thanks to everybody that has helped, including sponsors, friends and family. Great pics Matthew Barrington Race Photography.  Everything combines to bring the results so top work everyone!


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To find out more visit 



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