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Club member Mark Harden contacted us recently about his superb Classic Mini Clubman created for track days and drag racing. Read Marks article and hopefully we will see his car on our stands in the future and hopefully on the track at the British Mini Showdown.

Marks fascinating insight starts "I've had the Clubman for about 6 years, I bought it from a local grass track racer - and my advice would be don't buy a race car and try and make it road legal!! It needed a lot of body work. The floors were solid -a few patches but usable.However every other panel has either been repaired or replaced, keeping it off the road for 4 years whilst I did the work.

With no prior mechanical knowledge ( a computer programmer by trade) I learnt the skills needed to make it what it is today via manuals and the web - it's and invaluable tool and there are some very knowledgeable people on the forums. I can now weld, paint and build the odd engine. A true home garage build, I really respect built not bought projects."

Mark continues "This theme was also continued with the interior, bare essentials only, full six point weld in cage was first on the list, then some lightweight Lotus Elise S2 seats and of course 4 point harnesses.

I orginally built a 170bhp A-Series turbo engine for the car, and it was  allot of fun!! recently I fancied a change and now use a 1600cc small block Vauxhall engine using a standalone ECU and SBD Motorsport throttle bodies, good for about the same power - but with 5 gears and the benefit of being a more modern engine

Basic Spec:

1978 Clubman, fibreglass front end, boot and rear valance, carbon fibre roof and bumpers, polycarbonate windows, lightened doors, rear seats removed, finished in Yukon Grey.

Six point weld in cage.

Yokohama Advan A048R Tyres in medium compound.

4 point harness with Lotus Elise S2 seats, carbon dash with stack gauges and AEM wideband Lambda,

Willwood in car bias valve and internal gear change.

X16XE Vauxhall small block engine

Corsa Gsi Head

SBD Motorsport taper throttle body kt with custom 90mm trumpets

MBE Ecu, SBD coilpack

Roose  Motorsport hoses, Astra rad with electric fan

Custom exhaust with straight through pipe and Playmini backbox

Hydraulic clutch conversion

Willwood masters

Close ratio F13 gearbox with diesel 5th gear swap to account for smaller wheels

This has to be one of the best Clubmans around designed for the track. We can't wait to see it being driven in anger. If you have a better Clubman then please let us know!!

Check out the gallery below for more images of this superb Clubman

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